Part of what makes us different, is our beginning. In 1949, TeleCourier was founded by a physician who wanted to control the quality of his after-hours calls. Our founder wanted a dedicated, compassionate staff who would take immense interest in getting the details of the messages correct. Not much has changed since those early days. His vision came to life and TeleCourier was created with dedication towards answering calls with a friendly tone while getting an accurate message. That dedication and accuracy is still our philosophy today and what helps set us apart.

When it comes to technology, everything has changed. Evolving from someone with a huge headset holding a cable that they plugged into a board, to what we are today. To remind us of where we started, we have one of those “cord boards” in our office. Now-a-days we use highly advanced computers and servers as a backbone to process anything from simple to complicated calls with ease. We have also expanded to provide answering services nationwide. So, we guess a few things have changed.

Our 420 foot tower, right in the center of Bloomington, is one of the biggest communication hubs in the country. Whether you’ve driven between Chicago and St Louis, Peoria and Champaign, or Decatur and Rockford, you’ve definitely seen TeleCourier’s Eiffel tower. It’s a long-standing, constant reminder of our unusual communications expertise.

While we may be well known nationally for our capabilities, it's the personal relationships, partnerships, that our customers value the most. As we say, we don’t have any customers, we have business partners. We understand that you aren’t looking for a vendor; you're looking for someone who will act as if they work for you. That’s who we are.

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