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Answering Services

If you're reading this, you've already made the decision that a call center or answering service may be beneficial for your business. We won’t waste your time selling you on the benefits of using TeleCourier as your answering service, instead we'll focus on what really matters, trust.


At TeleCourier we don’t have clients, we have business partners. In order to have business partners, we operate on trust. Trust from our partners that we continually train our employees and monitor their performance, trust that we have technically advanced equipment and software to process the calls quickly and reliably, and trust that we understand our partners’ business and specific needs.


If you've read our home or about page, have been referred from another customer, or have simply found us, we hope that you have enough confidence in us to try out our services. Below are some of the services that we can offer you. Call us today so that we can start taking your important calls!


24/7 Live Phone Answering:  We are available whenever you need us, 24/7. We can answer before or after-hours calls or we can answer 24/7 for you. You can forward us your calls whenever you need.

Help Desk:  We can provide our customers with basic troubleshooting procedures, saving your staff valuable time.

Order Taking:  We can keep your products selling 24 hours a day with our trained and professional live operators.

Employee Absentee Reporting Lines:  Your employees can call us at any time to report an absence and we can keep track of the calls and notify you however you want.

Information Line/Directory Assistance:  We can provide your callers with correct phone numbers and transfer calls so that your staff can concentrate on other important duties.

Voicemail Boxes:  Need a stand-alone voicemail box for you club, non-profit, or home business? Our voicemail boxes are designed just for you.

E-Response:  Do you need off-site capability to reach out to key employees or vendors during an emergency? If so, our e-response capabilities may be a great solution for your business.

Automated On-Call:  You or your employees can change your on-call schedule at any time via our web portal or we are more than happy to make those changes for you.

Message Dispatch Options:  Our operators can call you with messages, or send them to you via text, email, fax, secure message, or more. You can simply tell us how you would like to be reached.

Call Logging:  All calls can be automatically recorded and archived for long term storage.

Order Entry:  Our call center operators can take your orders on our state of the art systems or we can pop to your website and enter the order directly on your system.

Additional Services:  We can perform follow up calls, verify your customer’s information or perform other tasks you may not have time to do.

Custom Services:  Whatever your needs are, we can likely find a way to serve you and your customers. We have partners who have very unique needs that we have built custom solutions for.

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